Monday, October 11, 2010

fabulously frugal halloween decor:

This year my family and I moved from a two bedroom townhouse to a four bedroom single family home.  When I pulled out my Halloween decorations I realized they looked pretty lonely in our newly expanded living space.  Since we do not have much extra money and we are really trying hard to embrace a more frugal lifestyle I have been searching the web for some frugal ways to decorate our new home.  Here are some great projects I found in Blogland that won't break the bank.  Most are made with items you can find at your local Dollar Store!

Check out this spooky Spider Wreath from Sour Kraut Krafts.  It is super easy to make and costs about $3!

This witches curtain from Martha Stewart is made with nothing more than black trash bags.  I think this is just amazing and very creepy!

These Tin Can Luminaries from Better Homes and Gardens can be easily made with items you have on hand.  I don't know about you but I always save my tin cans from soup or veggies.  You all know I love to upcycle!

Check out these Coffee Filter Spider Webs from  They can also be cut in half and used as a garland.  A pack of coffee filters is about $1 in my neck of the woods.  You could do your whole house for that price!!!

Here is another one from Better Homes and Gardens. You can download the patterns free for these Spooky Silhouettes and put them in some Dollar Store frames for a fast, easy and fabulously frugal Halloween decoration!

Here is another frugal decor find... the Bloody Candle from

Stay tuned for more fabulously frugal Halloween decor from Blogland as well as a few projects I have come up with on my own!

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